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I’m present, I’m Luca, for a year and a few months I missed the opportunity to take 2 or 4 planes for two weekends a month, you’ve read well even 4 in 2/3 days to go around Europe. to visit and discover new cities and airports, or return to those already seen … for several reasons, including friends.

Traveling for me is an antistress and I have to say that not always so expensive … on the contrary, if you are familiar with the websites, if you know the right ones, you can really spend little without depriving yourself of that more … that will make your every trip … a nice trip.

I’m present … I’m Luca … a dreamer, a traveler and now an improbable and fast-paced expert … obviously flying 🙂 you’ll be a bit difficult to see me by train if not for Milan or Bologna … Like a child, I also signed up at Airport Renewals 🙂

In this blog that wants to be also my travel diary, you will notice a particular personalization of the tips, probably some of you will notice that by choice I will not name and I will keep in mind a well-known airline, I do not say what, so I wish it was something of mine and yours, because I would be happy if you would also like to share with me your travel experience, of course short 1/2/3 nights.

Meanwhile we start downloading the right App, one in particular, the one that will save you all if you lose it, you … Citymapper  CITYMAPPERBUTTON

And for hotels? Obviously …